Leaves of Jade – Chapter 1

Japan Steady flow of water over minced leaves- crushed fine to be more easily dissolved into the tiny cells of the body. The soft bristles of bamboo massage our tea awake as the darkness of forests reach our nose. The scent reminds us of the ritual all over again. Reminds us their power. To awaken-... Continue Reading →

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Varieties of Meditation – Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Mindfulness Mindfulness is a fun English word trying in vain to get to the root of the meaning of an old Sanskrit word. Another translation is insight meditation but it sets up the belief that every session demands a great new discovery about life, the universe and everything. Mindfulness is closer, although still... Continue Reading →

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The Varieties of Meditation

Introduction Meditating, practicing, and researching, I’ve found so many ways to concentrate, clear the mind and relax the psyche for a few stolen moments. There are tons of books and articles out over the plentiful benefits of meditation. But the ongoing list of beneficial results doesn't motivate enough. You have to find the right meditation,... Continue Reading →

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Vaudeville Nightmares – Chapter 1

+1-Two Moons They crept up discreetly and quietly, or as much as was possible on this desert rock, devoid of all movement and form lost in the line of the horizon, the ground at their feet uniform to the ground at the setting twin moons. The craters on those moons had more life on them... Continue Reading →

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Artificial Mindfulness

Gears whirred on the tatami mats. They would have to fix that, manufacture a smoother movement mechanism, or the monks would have to concentrate through the distraction.  That was the test, the goal of the new student, to use their current methods of reaching beyond distraction to a larger truth that would string all their... Continue Reading →

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Desert Rose

The myth was these sunflowers smelled like sun and grass and hay. Not that I knew the smells of those either. I walked past these human-sized flowers with a gas mask, pushing along Hakeem, his wheels making the path seem to flow faster beneath us. His backpack kept brushing against my knees and created a... Continue Reading →

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If you had to rely on one species for your oxygen, which would you pick? Space travel forced personalized O2 farms to travel with us, for physical and mental health, since your brain was the last thing that could kill you when all the machines were still in working order. So I was doubly angered... Continue Reading →

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Things They Left Behind

Watching my love get stricken down wasn’t the hardest. Despair filled my breath seeing her raven hair and seagull feathers rustle in the wind of her fall. It was when the rest of my party fell, it was being surrounded by corpses and realizing they would never come back as the friends that laughed and... Continue Reading →

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Circus of the Century – Chapter 0

Chapter Ringleader- “Welcome to our humble little circus among the stars. We’ve traveled all this way with baggage full of secrets to ply a gentle art to shock your stolen souls. Let me just come over to my desk, quite a newsome experience for a ringmaster to have a desk with pen and paper but... Continue Reading →

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Leaves of Jade – Intro

Camellia leaves unfurl under the glass. Through the pot, I can see them reach out and up. Slowly, pink petals of hibiscus revealed, reaching higher until they touch the lid. Watching the slow play, I remember delicate movements in fingers of fine porcelain that, with a twist of the wrist to show off the curious... Continue Reading →

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